House Rules

Creating a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our guests.


Age Restriction
Our guests must be at least 18 years old and after midnight at least 21 years of age to enter Soho, in case of doubt, you should be able to prove your age through proper identification.

Positive Attitude
We expect our visitors to have an open and positive attitude towards our staff and other guests.

Any behavior that might be experienced as annoying,threatening, harassing or unwanted by other visitors, will result in a warning, and -if repeated- be followed by immediate removal from the premises. In this case, future access will be denied.

Influence of drugs or alcohol
If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, will deny you entrance.

Visitors (bags and pockets) are searched upon entry. In case of refusal, access to the club will be denied.

You are obliged to put your coat away in our cloakroom. Soho is not liable for damage, loss and/or theft of your jacket/belongings and objects contained therein.

Soho is not liable for damage, loss and/or theft of your jacket and objects contained therein.

Lost and Found
We keep lost and found items for up to 1 month, after that we donate, dispose or hand in legal documents to the police.

Dress Code
If you are wearing sportswear(sweatpants), slippers/sandals, caps or costumes that might be considered inappropriate by staff, entry may be refused.

Prohibited Behavior
Violent behaviour, discrimination and sexual harassment will not be tolerated. We kindly request you to inform our (security) staff when you notice other visitors misbehaving. Please do not personally intervene.

Illegal Substances
Consuming, trading and/or being in possession of hard drugs is strictly forbidden at Soho. All weapons and drugs will be confiscated. Any evidence of trade will result in the police being notified.

Legal Action
When breaking the law and / or committing a crime, Soho will file charges with the local authorities and provide camera footage from the clubs video surveillance system if necessary.

Our management accepts no responsibility for any injuries and/or loss of/damage to goods caused on the premises.

Smoking and Vaping
Smoking nor vaping is not allowed anywhere in the club.

Outside Food and Beverage
You are not allowed to bring your own food or beverages.

If an emergency should arise, you must follow the instructions of our staff at all times.

Photography and videography
Our professional photographers and videographers will be present to record images meant for promotional purposes. When entering Soho, you automatically agree to these recordings and publishing of footage of any kind.

It is not allowed to make and or publish video or sound recordings with professional equipment without permission from management.

Soho uses a video surveillance system. When entering our establishment, you automatically agree to these recordings. In the case of an emergency, surveillance footage can be shown to third parties and / or used as evidence.

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